Sia is led by a knowledgeable, connected team of professionals experienced in education, technology, and management.

Our Story

James Anibal and Sahba Seddighi founded Sia Precision Education in December 2021. As PhD students at Oxford, they saw the incredible impact of AI as a transformative factor in low-resource healthcare environments. As educators, they realized that there was no equivalent technology for students in similar settings. James and Sahba started Sia to create the first true precision education platform for correctional facilities, leveraging big data to support incarcerated students.

Meet the team

James Anibal, CEO


Sahba Seddighi, COO


Ai Phuong Tong, CTO


Our Advisors

JP O'Brien

CEO, Blacklab; CEO, Blacklab Dubai; CEO, ME Biosciences


Shannon Ross

Founder and Executive Director, The Community


Dieter Tejada

Founder and Executive Director, Justice Impact Alliance


Join the team

We are looking for dedicated tech professionals with a passion for supporting students